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Welcome to Our Author’s Corner, where Visionaries Unveil the Stories, Experience, Journeys, and Creative Insights that Shape our Narrative Landscape

Image of Desiree Moraes in About us Page in Moar Architects

Architect and Co-Founder

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Desiree has made her mark on projects worldwide, specializing in interior design for the real estate market. Her unique ability to blend design and functionality has resulted in projects that not only capture the essence of the client’s vision but have also generated significant financial returns.

Desiree’s influence transcends borders, with a diverse portfolio that spans from Latin America to Europe, including the United Kingdom. This international reach reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to adapt to a wide range of styles and contexts.

As a high-level designer, her focus on large-scale projects demonstrates her ability to handle complex challenges, always with an eye on innovation and sustainability.

At Moar Architects, we believe that every space has a story to tell, and under Desiree’s direction, we are dedicated to telling it in the most impactful and meaningful way possible.

Desiree Moraes
Image of Karen Arrioja in About us Page in Moar Architects

Architect and Co-Founder

With extensive experience in architectural and commercial design, she has achieved numerous projects with high standards in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Her ability to lead teams makes her a fundamental part of the Moar team.

Karen Arrioja, co-founder of Moar Architects, is a distinguished figure in the world of architecture and design, with an impressive career in the industry. As a consummate architect and designer, Karen has made her mark in both commercial and institutional design, recognized for her skill in creating detailed plans for carpentry and her ability to incorporate the latest technologies and programs into her projects.

Her expertise is not limited to technical innovation; Karen has collaborated with clients across a diverse range of locations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe, demonstrating an exceptional ability to understand and meet the needs of a global and varied clientele.

Karen’s presence at Moar Architects not only elevates the level of projects delivered but also ensures that each client receives a personalized and deeply collaborative design experience. Under her direction, Moar Architects positions itself as a leader in the field of architectural design, where innovation, excellence, and collaboration are the pillars of every project.

Karen Arrioja