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We are Moar Architects

MOAR is the fusion of two colleagues who have worked together since architecture school. Two architects with an interest in creating functional and out-of-the-box designs. The first projects were born in a workshop with friends and then jumped into a life-changing experience which was migration to a new country.

For the next two years, they worked in different companies, one was a small architectural firm that built residential and institutional projects, and the other was a retail company, but always with the same goal in mind, to fund their firm. 

As architects working with multiple companies and clients around the world we have developed a wide knowledge of rules and styles, along with the management strategies of their leaders, we have grown and learned and focused even more on our objectives, strategies, and niches.

Creating a network of clients that trust us has been one of the most special experiences, and being able to share with an amazing growing team too. 

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Our Team

Moar Architects is an architectural rendering firm, founded by Desiree Moraes and Karen Arrioja, two architectural visualizers and render artists with much love for woodwork, creation, innovation, aesthetics, and learning, that saw in architecture their place to voice their visualization of things.

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Desiree Moraes

Desiree is responsible for communication with clients and closing contracts, she is also an Architect and Interior Designer.

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Karen Arrioja

In addition to being the Architect and Designer, is in charge of planning and organizing the projects and the team’s tasks.

What Our Clients Say

Some of our client’s experience feedback

Residential CAD design and 3D model

Moar architects had a great vision and could easily transmit it into paper, they understood my direction perfectly from the very beginning for a residential multifamily building. I would definitely work again with them.

Project completion – Oct 19, 2020

The team was extremely helpful

They created a full rendering and 3D animation for our new flat which we could perfectly use to coordinate the craftsmen, design the kitchen, bathroom or build-in furniture. They paid attention to detail, were very patient and turned every change request and wish into a nice design.

Interior design – Jan 20, 2021

Team Work

The MOAR team is great to work with and has valuable insights and design vision. Very productive and completes work in a timely manner

Residential construction documents – Jan 17, 2022

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Our Work Moar Architects

Explore Architectural Brilliance in Our Masterful Portfolio Showcase, where Tapestry of Dreams and Pinnacle of Excellence Take Center Stage.

Our Services of Moar Architects

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Interior Design

Transform spaces into extraordinary living experiences. Create captivating, functional, and timeless interiors that elevate the quality of life with us.

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Architectural Design

At MOAR, we believe in transforming spaces and lives through architecture. We are committed to creating innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing designs that exceed expectations

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Real State Marketing

Unlock the true potential of your properties with our Real Estate Marketing expertise. We create captivating, functional, and timeless presentations that redefine living experiences.

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