Transform Architecture with Augmented Reality

Thumbnail Image Transform Architecture with Augmented Reality Moar architects

The groundbreaking technology of Augmented Reality (AR) immerses us in a world where digital and physical coexist, elevating our perception of spaces to an unprecedented level. While AR is widely adopted in sectors like shopping and entertainment, architecture is just beginning to uncover its vast benefits. Join us on this journey to discover them:

Bring Your Projects to Life

 Visualize your designs superimposed on real locations using just a phone or tablet. Imagine turning an empty plot into your client’s architectural dream instantly.

Borderless Collaboration

AR breaks down geographical barriers. Design teams can come together in a virtual environment, discuss, adapt, and visualize projects together, regardless of their location.

Efficiency in Planning

AR is a window to the future. Visualize 3D models in pre-construction stages and during the process, optimizing planning, minimizing errors, and cutting down expenses.

Conscious Decisions Under Any Weather

Simulate varying environmental conditions, from sunset glow to winter brightness. These simulations guide pivotal decisions in design and orientation.

Ensure Excellence

During inspection, AR becomes your critical eyes, anticipating incongruences. It’s the perfect tool for on-the-spot validations and maintenance tasks.

A Clear Vision for the Builder

With AR glasses, the construction team visualizes plans and details instantly, reducing mistakes and speeding up the building process.

Win Your Clients with Innovative Sales

More than just a technology, AR is a potent marketing tool. Present and promote projects on mobile devices, offering immersive experiences without the need for expensive equipment.

Synergy with

The integration of AR and revolutionizes project management. With applications like Open BIM Model Checker, you not only identify but communicate and resolve issues collaboratively. Visualize problems in AR, enabling quicker understanding and resolution.