Chic Oasis: Interior Design for a House in a French Caribbean Paradise

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Principal Image of Chic Oasis Interior Design for a House in a French Caribbean Paradise in MOAR Architects

Client’s Challenge

Interior design of a house for 4 people on the coast of France. The client entrusted us with the remodeling of every corner of his home in order to transform it into a coastal retreat with more comfort, spaciousness and tranquility.


  • The guiding vision for this project was to create a harmonious fusion of open, airy living spaces while encapsulating the charm of a coastal escape.
  • The design pays homage to the soothing lines of curvilinear elements, the infusion of radiant colors, and the extensive use of natural materials that echo the serenity of a seaside haven.
  • Sustainability and environmental responsibility have guided the selection of materials.
  • Using natural wood flooring and reclaimed wood furnishings imparts warmth and a connection to the earth.
  • Stone surfaces, including countertops and accents, further underscore the coastal aesthetic while adhering to the commitment to sustainable design.


The color scheme embraces the vibrant, ocean-inspired hues of coastal living. Shades of azure blue, seafoam green, and sunlit yellows infuse the home with vitality and a sense of relaxation. These lively colors beautifully contrast with the natural materials, infusing the space with an inviting coastal energy.

Natural light takes center stage in this design. Large windows bathe the interior in daylight, forging a deep connection with the outdoors. In the evenings, carefully selected lighting fixtures, such as pendant lamps and recessed lighting, envelop the space in a welcoming, warm ambiance.


This meticulously executed interior design remodeling project has redefined a French family home as a serene coastal retreat. The seamless integration of open spaces, curvilinear elegance, abundant natural light, a vivacious palette of bright colors, and the pervasive use of natural materials create a tranquil sanctuary. It gracefully marries the allure of a coastal escape with the timeless charm of a French countryside residence, offering an enduring and serene living environment for the family to cherish for years to come.


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