Escape to Luxury: Your Dream Vacation Rental House in the USA

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Principal Image of Escape to Luxury Your Dream Vacation Rental House in the USA in MOAR Architects

Client’s Challenge

Design a family vacation rental house on Airbnb in a rustic but contemporary style.


The Vacation Cabin project is primed for rental, combining durable materials with an efficient layout for itinerant guests. The exterior features robust yet aesthetically pleasing materials, including locally sourced timber and stone, ensuring longevity, low maintenance, and high quality.


The architectural concept of this rental house transcends the mere enclosure of space; it embodies the notion of indoor/outdoor integration. Walls of retractable glass doors seamlessly merge the interior and exterior living spaces. The outdoor deck functions as an extension of the living area.

This cabin’s architectural layout has been meticulously planned to foster family togetherness and personal retreats. The heart of the design is the expansive, interconnected living area, adorned with exposed wooden beams. Oversized windows flood the space with natural light and frame picturesque views of the surrounding landscape, evoking a sense of unity with nature.


This vacation cabin not only meets the client’s expectations but also ensures that future guests can enjoy a comfortable and cozy experience. Every corner of the cabin has been designed for relaxation and comfort, making it an ideal place to rest, share, and make unforgettable family memories in nature.


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