Down Under Delight: Residential Design in Australia

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Client’s Challenge

The client came to us wanting to improve his living conditions and reduce maintenance burden. They liked their neighborhood and the nearby services (transport, shops, medical, gym), so they wanted to demolish their current house and build a new duplex (dual occupancy). One for them and another one for renting.
They no longer had to accommodate the needs of a family, so they wanted to build a relaxed yet sophisticated home that reflected their personal style. 


Situated in Australia, this Duplex Residence stands as a testament to architectural sophistication within a harmonious coexistence with the surroundings. Designed exclusively for a discerning couple, this dwelling is characterized by its Residential design, meticulous normative compliance, innovative half-underground construction, and unwavering dedication to sustainability.


  • The duplex is a true masterpiece of balance and proportion. A lateral main entrance, flanked by elegantly designed facades, serves as the gateway to an interior of meticulously planned spatial harmony and aesthetic equilibrium.
  • Every facet of this duplex has been crafted to satisfy the stringent requirements of local building regulations and normative restrictions. The outcome is a residence that not only conforms to these standards but also elevates the parameters of architectural excellence.
  • Inspired by the Australian landscape and climate, the house boasts a unique terrace structure. This innovative design approach not only ensures exceptional insulation but also allows for natural temperature regulation. It reduces the environmental footprint and the need for extensive heating and cooling systems.
  • Also, sustainability it’s the essence of this residence. Sustainable building materials, energy-efficient systems, and passive design principles are integrated throughout. Solar panels on the roof harness the abundant Australian sunlight, significantly reducing the home’s carbon footprint.|


These Australian dual occupancy duplexes not only meet customer expectations but also ensure compliance with city regulations. Every corner of the duplex was meticulously thought out for this couple and their needs. With Residential Design we achieved a cozy but modern home for a couple that no longer needs too much space but does need a quiet place to retire and receive their loved ones.


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